August 06, 2010


Broiler keeping is one of the livestock enterprises that is picking up very fast among the slum dwelling populace in Bangladesh slums Mombasa due to its high/ quick turn-over. This venture is not only turning the economic level of this populace but also improving diet of many as its products are consumed within the community after some value addition of its products. This has guaranteed the populace a constant supply of proteins affordable to all. This posting tries to explore the cost of running such an enterprise within this area. Remember that these are just but estimates, prices or cost of production may vary, or, a lot more other costs may be left out or can be non-essential depending on various producers. This document does not intend to market any product under mentioned, hence each one has the freedom of picking the best on market. However, the document is intended to assist small-scale poultry keepers to estimate budget lines before venturing in such practice. Most of these costs can be trimmed i.e. using an existing house with modification can cut the cost of construction, using electricity to heat and light the house instead on Jiko and charcoal, availability of cheap but clean water etc.

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Broiler keeping budgetary estimates for Bangladesh, Mombasa, Kenya.